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About Us

Rashid Zaidi’s photographic lineage reaches into the early 1900’s in Pakistan where the name Zaidi’s portraiture has been synonymous for gorgeous portraiture since Mr. Zaidi’s grandfather opened the first Zaidi’s studio in 1904.

Since Mr. Zaidi’s arrival to the US in 1988 he has garnered experience in fine portraiture unlike anyone as he pioneered retouching techniques that transported the world famous CHARIS portraits to another dimension.

Growing up in the family business and his many years at CHARIS taught Mr. Zaidi fine points of portraiture. His eye for how light wraps around the human face and the delicate positioning of fingers and hands is matched by few practitioners in the world today.

Come experience the unmatched experience, skill and beauty of a true international portrait artist.

Feel free to contact Mr. Zaidi anytime to set up your consultation or appointment using what ever method you are comfortable on the contact page.